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The top 9 nail trends you should definitely try this Spring!

Spring is officially here! The temperature is rising slowly and steady, the day is bigger and the sun is shinning, while the flowers are blooming again. It's the season of rebirth, new begginings and light, and what a better way of bringing light in your life than getting a fresh manicure. So here, we made a list for you with all the nail trends that are in this spring. Let's see it.

Cobalt Blue

Cobalt blue is having a momemnt this year on runawys as spring approaches. Some also call it the season's favorite color. A classy color that brings memories from summers in Greece or walks in the French Riviera. For us it's definetely a must!


What's more appropiate for spring than flowers tremselves? Floral has always beem a way to get the spring vibe going on and pass from the moodness of winter to the blooming days. Flowers are on their peak this spring too and if you haven't tried them yet ,oh well, you should.


Chrome nails have been on the spotlight the last five years and they're still going on. With a diffent twist this year, chrome on vivid colored nails gives a beautiful and playful result that will pull all the eyes on you. Don't say we didn't warn you!

Micro French

We all know how classy a french nail look is. If you wanna give it another taste this spring, we recommend trying micro french. With white tips or different colours, micro french makes your nails look longer, keeping the classic effect but on a more minimal tone.

Lip Gloss

Oh, yeah! Lipgloss has a comeback from the 90's not only to take over our lips, but our nails too. This super glossy effect gives a very clean and neat look. So, thios spring instead of the classic nude color, go for the lipgloss effect. We promise it won't disappoint.


Even if it's litteraly lemons or just the nail polish, pastel yellow is one of the top colors of the season. It's refreshing, playful and gives those tropical vibes under the bright sun with a margarita on the hand.

3D Designs

For those who are not afraid to try something bolder, 3D designs are here! From jewels to flowers and gummy bears or just pearly gel designs, 3D is taking over the world and our hearts. After all, who doesn't want to feel like a mermaid?


Remember that time you were young and highly obsessed with anything bright pink? Well, this spring is your season because Barbiecore aesthetic is in. Barbiecore is all about confidence so, go girl and rock those pink nails!

Blush Nails

Coming from Korea, this trend mimics a makeup blush look. It's dreamy and sweet which makes it one of the top trends for this spring! If you're into anime too, you have one reason more to try those nails!

Please let us know in the comments what trends would you try this spring. Have a beautiful day!

What's your favorite trend of this season?

  • Cobalt blue

  • Floral

  • Chrome

  • Micro French

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